calcolo fatto qui da Felix Stalder

Occasionally there is the idea that the big internet companies, which collect and monetize user data, should pay their users directly, as they are, after all, the original producers of all that data. Jaron Lanier has made this argument, among others.

So, lets make a simple calculation, based on Facebook's latest, better than expected, quarterly numbers.

users: 1,32 billion
revenue: 2,91 billion
profit: 0.791 billion

This is an incredible profit margin. Now, lets assume that Facebook would use half of that profit to pay users for their data.

395'000'000 / 1320'000'000 = .30

So, the average user would earn about 30 cents, per quarter. If it's correct that Facebook users spend 40 minutes per day on the site, then adds up to roughly 60 hours per quarter.

If you divide the 30 cents income by the 60 hours work, the you end up with an hourly-wage of $.005.

ma il calcolo da fare a mio avviso e' quanto profitto rende un'ora di visita di un utente.

790.000.000 milioni / 1.320.000.000 utenti / 60,833 (ore/trimestre) =0,0984 USDcent/ora

7 centesimi di euro all'ora, 1,5 euro al mese, 4,5 euro al trimestre.

ricordiamolo agli amici delle telco che invidiano gli OTT e vorrebbero una fetta (nanoscopica) dei profitti..