Mi erano sfuggite (Grazie Alessandro) due notizie che arrivano dall'illinois:

Google accusata di violare il Biometric Information Privacy Act: "Google has created, collected and stored, in conjunction with its cloud-based 'Google Photos' service, millions of 'face templates' (or 'face prints') — highly detailed geometric maps of the face — from millions of Illinois residents, many thousands of whom are not even enrolled in the Google Photos service,"

l'anno scorso, simile accusa a Facebook: In April, Illinois resident Carlo Licata sued Facebook for allegedly violating an Illinois law with its automatic photo-tagging feature, which recognizes users' faces and suggests their names when they appear in photos uploaded by their friends

chissà cosa ne pensano i garanti della privacy nostrani.

personalmente mi aspetterei che solo io possa mettere il tag con il mio nome ad una foto..