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People are getting locked out of innocuous Google Docs for supposedly violating Terms of Service

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Google Docs users are reporting various bugs today that result in them getting locked out of their documents. Most of the issues center on a mysterious Terms of Service violation.
The reports largely come from journalists. It’s unclear whether the error is targeting media companies and reporters, or if it’s just coincidence because reporters tend to spend a lot of time in the app (and on Twitter). Nevertheless, this bug is concerning, considering it implies that Google is scanning documents for content and something is misfiring on the company’s end.
We’ve reached out to Google for clarification and will update when we hear back.

Working away happily on @googledocs with a response to reviewers. Suddenly: “This document is in violation of Terms of Service”. #WTF— Leighton Pumpkin (@widdowquinn)
October 31, 2017

Has anyone had @googledocs lock you out of a doc before? My draft of a story about wildlife crime was just frozen for violating their TOS.— Rachael Bale (@Rachael_Bale)
October 31, 2017

Tfw your finalizing a piece on E. Europe post-socialist parties in Google Drive and Google removes it because it’s in violation of its ToS??— Bhaskar Sunkara (@sunraysunray)
October 31, 2017