Non ci sono solo i risvolti privacy!
Ci sono anche i risvolti pluralismo/concorrenza!!!
Una cosa è vedere una pagina con un ranking ed un’altra è sentire un solo risultato.

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European Regulators Examining Privacy Implications of Voice Assistants

By Priya Anand



Source: BNN Bloomberg

European officials are looking at whether Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri violate privacy regulations, according to BNN Bloomberg. Based on the comments in the story, it appears  officials are in the early stages of gathering information.This comes after U.S. lawmakers have questioned how Alexa devices handle children’s data and what exactly the devices hear. It also follows reports about how employees of companies that make voice assistants listen in on portions of recordings for quality control purposes. These stories, about both Alexa and Siri in recent months, have gained attention.

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