just a quick thought: it’s just an idea that is starting to buz zin my mind…

one of the problems of the immaterial dimension determined by digital tools is the fact that computers can scale actions to a dimension and with a speed unparalleled in the material dimension.

think to network effects and lockins and their impact on competition; it’s pretty obvious.

think to fake news and online hate speech: once confined in the material realm, it could not spread easily and tended to deaden. (less in stadiums, cocnerts, and other venues where scale becomes an issue)

think to the new type of applications that computing is entering into, with AI automating perception/classification/prediction (once typical of human capacities).

for all these (and other) examples, when scale is limited, the consequences are generally not very relevant, but when scale becomes massive in a very short timeframe, problems arise.

so, to attenuate negative externalities, perhaps we should think of introducing correcting measures with ex ante digital regulatory ladders.


just thinking…

would love to read your comments!