è ridicolo che siano le aziende a riconoscere l’importanza ed adottare spontaneamente policies.
dato che è importante dovrebbero essere gli Stati a deciderlo.
diversamente per una microsoft che ci autocastra ci sono 100 aziende che non lo faranno. –

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Amazon and Microsoft pause police facial recognition and demand regulationJune 11, 2020From our ObsessionMachines with BrainsAI is upending companies, industries, and humanity.Within 24 hours of each other, both Amazon and Microsoft this week pledged not to sell facial recognition tools to US police departments, acknowledging the concerns of researchers and activists who say the technology is biased and has grave potential for misuse. The companies’ announcements follow IBM’s decision to disavow facial recognition earlier this week.In the immediate term, Amazon’s moratorium will have a greater impact than IBM or Microsoft on the use of facial recognition by law enforcement. Amazon sells its product, Rekognition, directly to several law enforcement agencies; Microsoft does not currently sell facial recognition tools to US police departments, and IBM’s market is small. But collectively, the actions of these companies will have a lasting effect on the industry’s development—by ratcheting up pressure on American lawmakers to regulate the technology, for better or for worse.Amazon’s announcement is more conservative. IBM made a sweeping pledge not to research, develop, or sell facial recognition software to anyone. Amazon, in contrast, announced a one-year moratorium on selling its Rekognition software to police, to give Congress time to “place stronger regulations to govern the ethical use of facial recognition technology.” It will continue to offer the technology to organizations like the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children to investigate cases of human trafficking. The company did not respond when asked if it would continue to research and develop its facial recognition software in the intervening year.