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Facebook boss ‘apologises’ for ‘Russians fixing election’ in chilling Deepfake video

Artist Stephanie Lepp is using AI to create a series of uncannily convincing videos of high-profile figures ‘confessing’ their mistakes

A new project making public figures “apologise” for their mistakes shows the chilling power of deepfakes.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s once claimed that to think Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election “is a pretty crazy idea.” Today, for many, that idea is beyond question.

Artist Stephanie Lepp has used artificial intelligence to a digital “puppet” of Zuckerberg, and made it "admit" that it’s done damage both to politics and society, saying: “People on our platform have become more prone to hating others, and hating themselves.

"I was naive about Russian interference in the 2016 election, and I’m still being naive about domestic interference in 2020.”
Permanently-angry conspiracy theorist Alex Jones shows a mellow side in Stephanie’s new video

Stephanie says she’d "love to" to make a concession speech from outgoing US President Donald Trump as part of her new project Deep Reckonings.

She told Daily Star Online it would have "tremendous potential for social value."

Stephanie says "I believe an extraordinary Trump concession speech has the potential to unify our country in a way few things could."

She adds that there’s a reason why she hasn’t made a ‘Deep Reckoning’ for Trump yet: "I chose protagonists whose reckonings I thought were both possible and socially beneficial," she says, "which is why I initially refrained from Trump, because I don’t think he’s close to a reckoning.

"But I have connections I can lean on," she adds "and may do so after the election."
Stephanie takes care to find a contact for everyDeep reckoning subject so she knows they see them (Image: Stephanie Lepp)
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Stephanie has put words in the mouths of a number of other high-profile American personalities though – such as high priest of conspiracy theories Alex Jones .

In reality Jones has used his InfoWars radio show to promote offbeat theories about everything from the September 11 Attacks to the Moon Landings.

In Stephanie’s "confession", the fake version of the big-talking Texan "admits" to getting too carried away with conspiracy theories, and then controversially say that the child abuse problem in America is not (as the real Jones insists) anything to do Hillary Clinton.
The simulated Mark Zuckerberg is a lot less defensive than the real thing

“There is a child sex abuse problem on our hands, folks!” claims the fake “Alex Jones, “But it’s not Hillary Clinton and the deep state — it’s the Catholic Church!”

In every case Stephanie has her deep fake characters admit to being fakes on camera. She doesn’t aim to deceive anyone so much as to show how dangerously easy it is to put words in someone else’s mouth.

The real Mark Zuckerberg has staunchly defended Facebook both to the press and after grilling by politicians. But Stephanie’s fake “Zuckerberg” says he launched Facebook in the glory days of social media, believing “it would give everyone a voice,” before going on to "say" that it’s become a home to hate groups and dodgy political advertising.
She teases some comments on the #MeToo movement out of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh

The fake Zuckerberg "confesses" that there has been a dark side to the Facebook dream. It says: “The small publishers we empowered ended up including hateful propagandists like Alex Jones.

“Our algorithms fuelled ethnic violence in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

"People on our platform have become more prone to hating others, and hating themselves. I was naive about Russian interference in the 2016 election, and I’m still being naive about domestic interference in 2020.”

Stephanie wants to encourage more people to use deepfakes for good.

She says at the moment all the wrong people are getting involved in the technology, adding: "The overwhelming majority of synthetic media online are nefarious in nature — mostly involuntary pornography with a dose of general disinformation and mean-spirited parody.”

Her goal is to do something positive and creative, with what is after all one of the most dangerous pieces of emerging new technology of our current era.

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