Dategli una lametta

"Dammi una lametta, che mi taglio le vene" Cantava Donatella Rettore venticinque di anni fa.

Gli operatori Telco che stanno adottando Microsoft Media Room, denotando una grande visione strategica, la stanno prendendo alla lettera!

PressPass: How did you come up with the new namе?
Rodriguez: The branding process involved the creativity and dedication of several teams within the Microsoft TV business. We had two equally important priorities. The first priority was to come up with a name that could communciate more easily the potential of the platform. We like to use a quote attributed to Henry Ford: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." Basically, we were in the same situation – television today is perceived as a commodity and there is confusion about what IPTV stands for and enables. We wanted a brand that more clearly communicated what the technology will let consumers experience. It is not just TV, it is not TV over the Internet, it is entertainment you want, when and where you want it.

The second, and equally important priority, was to come up with a brand that speaks to Microsoft’s heritage in digital entertainment, yet is flexible enough for service provider customers to incorporate into their offerings.

E’ come pagare per andare a un comizio. Paghi per passare il tuo attuale potere di mercato ad un altro.

E da qui è chiaro l’interesse, partendo dall’entertainement, verso tutti i servizi di home networking.

E’ chiarissimo che il target è l’end-user, c’è scritto infatti "To subscribe to Microsoft Mediaroom, find a service provider in your area".

Uno qualsiasi.

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