DARPA e le reti wireless P2P

L’ufficio per le tecnologie strategiche: STO: Wireless Network after Next.

The Wireless Network after Next (WNaN) program goal is to develop and
demonstrate technologies and system concepts enabling densely deployed
networks in which distributed and adaptive network operations
compensate for limitations of the physical layer of the low-cost
wireless nodes that comprise these networks. WNaN networks will manage
node configurations and the topology of the network to reduce the
demands on the physical and link layers of the nodes.

The technology
created by the WNaN effort will provide reliable and highly-available
battlefield communications at low system cost.

The WNaN program will develop a prototype handheld wireless node that
can be used to form high-density ad hoc networks and gateways to the
Global Information Grid. This program will develop robust networking
architecture(s) that will exploit high-density node configurations from
related DARPA programs. This program will culminate in a large-scale
network demonstration using inexpensive multi-channel nodes. WNaN
technology is planned for transition to the Army in 2010.

L’agenzia della ricerca per l’esercito americano (la stessa che ha finanziato la nascita di Internet), sta finanziando ricerca per sistemi di rete wireless Peer 2 Peer con reti magliate.

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