Mal comune, mal comune. Swisscom obbligata ad offrire accesso bitstream

Link: Swisscom ordered to offer bitstream access for 4 years – Telecompaper.

The Swiss Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) is obliging Swisscom to provide bitstream access on the last mile for 4 years following the parliamentary recommendation.

L’agcom svizzera, ha stabilito che Swisscom deve offrire il bitstream, dopo la raccomandazione del parlamento.

Swisscom must submit an offer with cost-based prices to rivals, as it is dominant in the market for this access variant.

Deve fare un’offerta all’ingrosso cost-plus perche’ e’ dominante nell’accesso (e non retail-minus)

In 2006, the parliament decided that Swisscom had to be forced to open its last mile to its competitors via full unbundling and wholesale bitstream access, but in March of this year Swisscom declined to submit a price proposal to its competitors

nel 2006 il parlamento aveva detto che doveva farlo, ma a marzo di quest’anno Swissco si è rifiutata.

Mal comune, mal comune.

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