Ipse dixit. Parlano per se stessi o per gli altri ?

Link: La dolce vita turns sour as Italy faces up to being old and poor – Times Online.

Italy, says Walter Veltroni, the Mayor of Rome and a likely future centre-left Prime Minister, can and must overcome its “do-nothing demon”. Italian bureaucracy is “an elephant sitting on top of Italy and holding it back”, he said. “We must lose our fear of the new.”

Il nuovo che avanza: "Veltroni joined the Federazione Giovanile Comunista Italiana (Italian Youth Communist Federation) at the age of 15" (nel 1970, 37 anni fa, Wikipedia.)

“There is more to Italy than pizza and spaghetti,” says Mr Montezemolo, who — according to rumours — may enter politics when his Confindustria mandate expires next year.

“We are a country full of excellence and positive energy. We can reverse this decline — if we open up the country, embrace the market, get rid of the red tape, and release the talents of the young.”

Ci sta annunnciando che si inizia a dare l’esempio in Confindustria, Presidente ?

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