Vodafone e le femtocelle in spagna

Link: Vodafone trials Femtocells in Spain – FierceWireless:Europe – Mobile Industry News, Mobile Market.

Joining an increasing number of mobile operators investigating Femtocell services, Vodafone has chosen Spain to pilot a set of targeted services to home consumers and businesses using 3G Femtocells.

The company said that the principal aim was to test if this technology can be used to deliver cost-effective broadband services. Andy MacLeod, global networks director at Vodafone, said: "We have been driving the industry development of Femtocell technology, and the trials with Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei are an opportunity for us to assess how much benefit it can bring to our customers."

However, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Qualcomm’s CEO, Paul Jacobs, issued a note of caution during a keynote session. "Femtocells are going to cause management and interference problems. They may jam other access points or create jams or gaps in macro coverage. It’s a challenge for the technology world to make this work properly."

Io sono molto scettico sulle femtocelle. non capisco perche’ una persona che puo’ avere un accesso wireless domestico flat rate attaccando un proprio access point a un DSL/FTTx flat rate, dovrebbe pagare la cosa ad un operatore "mobile".

Tra l’altro, se io a casa ho un access point gestito da me, posso abilitarne l’accesso a chi mi viene a visitare. Se l’Access point e’ dell’operatore, il suo uso e’ limitato a me. Se cosi’ non fosse, sarebbe un punto di accesso alla rete dell’operatore con un mucchio di conseguenze regolamentari ed economiche per l’operatore.

Per non parlare di complessita’ di gestione del servizio..

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