Class Action contro Deutsche Telekom

Link: / World – Investors file €80m lawsuit against D Telekom.

Germany’s biggest legal case was launched on Monday as 16,000 small shareholders took on Deutsche Telekom amid signs that disappointing stock price performance and the global financial crisis are causing private investors to shun shares in Europe’s largest economy.

More than 800 lawyers are to act on behalf of investors suing the group for about €80m (£63m, $125m) in a class action made possible by a new law. Telekom on Monday reiterated its refusal to settle against claims that it misled investors in a 2000 share offering.

16000 piccoli investitori e 800 avvocati fanno una sorta di class action contro Deutsche Telekom

Lawyers for the small shareholders have concentrated on claims that
Telekom overvalued property and concealed plans to buy VoiceStream in
the US for $35bn while marketing the share issue.

I legali si sono concentrati su supposte sopravvalutazioni del patrimonio e piani nascosti per l’acquisto di Voicestream negli USA per 35 miliardi di dollari mentre promuovevano l’emissione di nuove azioni.

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