Problemi in Germania per Telecom

Telecom Italia’s German fixed network operator Hansenet is facing
massive customer churn due to the DSL price war that is going on,
according to German magazine Capital. Hansenet markets DSL/telephony
under the Alice brand and is currently facing DSL customer churn of 25
percent, which could lead to the departure of at least 50,000 of all
new German DSL customers during the first quarter, came from Alice,
according to company sources.

Churn del 25%!!! (disdette) a causa della guerra dei prezzi e..

At the same time, 50 percent of Alice
customers has problems with the telephony services offered by Hansenet.

50% dei clienti tedeschi ha problemi con il servizio telefonico

Last week, Hansenet CEO Harald Rosch unveiled a major delay in the
deployment of its own VDSL/fibre optical network due to no financial
room for those investments, which was caused by the financial problems
of Hansenet’s parent Telecom Italia.

La rete proprietaria di Hansenet è molto in ritardo sui programmi perchè non c’e’ spazio per investimenti, a causa dei problemi finanziari di Telecom Italia.

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