Wifi ? Niet!

Link: Translated version of http://www.fontanka.ru/2008/04/14/045/.

Deputy Chief of monitoring and supervision in connection Vladimir Krasnov said that the owner of radio-electronic means of Wi-Fi must obtain permission to use the radio frequency spectrum, as well as register equipment. This is a luncheon registration as well as domestic and routers built into laptops, smart phones and PDAs reception transmission devices.

Registration – not such a complicated procedure and, according to regulations, it takes up only a (!) 10 days. The certificate is issued separately for each radio-electronic means, is a registered document, and only gives its owner the right to use the equipment.

In sintesi: per usare il wifi in russia bisognera’ avere un permesso personale per ogni dispositivo che si usa, che richiede solo 10 giorni per essere ottenuto.

Chi non ottempera rischia la confisca del dispositivo.

O tempora o mores !

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