Svestire Paolo per vestire Giovanni

Link: Fiberevolution: Taxing Paul to keep John going….

In French, we have an expression when you take money from somewhere to put somewhere else: "deshabiller Paul pour habiller Jean". Undressing Paul to clothe John. This is, in a way, what the French government has decided to do in order to get out of a sticky situation in which our 21st Century Napoleon (III) has put himself in. Earlier this year, without consulting anyone, least of all the interested parties, he announced that there should no longer be advertising on public TV channels…

La francia toglie la pubblicità dalla TV e compenserà la TV pubblica con maggiori sovvenzioni (sveste paolo)

A couple of weeks ago, it was finally announced that the difference in the budget would be compensated by a new tax on private television, mobile operators and ISPs. …

Queste arrivano da una nuova tassa sulle TV private, operatori mobili e ISP (per vestire giovanni)

Meanwhile, Viviane Reding, … has taken a strong stance against that tax, stating effectively that taxing ISPs would stifle innovation and development at a time when we need all we can to boost broadband and IT connectivity (see V. Reding opposée à taxer les FAI pour financer la TV publique).

Viviane Reding si oppone fortemente a questa nuova tassa.

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