Le femtocelle fanno parte degli accordi di MVNO ?

Link: Femtocell market update for week of 4 August 2008 « 3G In The Home.

“I just got my Airave on Tuesday, and so far I am absolutely loving this thing! … All in all I give it a 5 out of 5! The only thing I cannot access is anything that uses the Mobile Broadband network.”

“I was able to place a call inside, and walk 4 houses down the street before my phone defaulted back to the regular network. This, I think, is pretty impressive … Every test call I have made and received has worked 100%, and my texts seems to be coming through just fine. So far, a VERY good first day with the Airave.”

But one blogger also sounds a note of caution… “At the current time, the Airave BLOCKS all Virgin mobile phones in its range, and they cannot complete or receive ANY calls whatsoever.”

Virgin e’ un MVNO su rete Sprint; un utente Sprint e’ molto contento della sua femtocella domestica, ma un utente Virgin non riesce a connettersi alla femtocella che gli rifiuta il traffico ma nel contempo di fatto gli inibisce l’accesso alla macrocella superiore.

Il diavolo si nasconde nei dettagli… (contrattuali, in prima battuta)

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