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oday there seems to be a new distribution model that is emerging. One that is based on people’s ability to publically syndicate and distribute messages — aka content — in an open manner. This has been a part of the internet since day one — yet now its emerging in a different form — its not pages, its streams, its social and so its syndication. The tools serve to produce, consume, amplify and filter the stream…
The now web — or real time web — is still very much under construction
but we are back in the dark room trying to understand the dimensions
and contours of something new, or even to how to map and outline its
First and foremost what emerges out of this is a new metaphor — think streams vs. pages…
The steam metaphor is fundamentally different.  Its dynamic, it doesnt
live very well within a page and still very much evolving. …
A real time, flowing, dynamic stream of  information — that we as users
and participants can dip in and out of and whether we participate in
them or simply observe we are are a part of this flow…
Among other things it changes how we perceive needs.  Overload isnt a
problem anymore since we have no choice but to acknowledge that we cant
wade through all this information…

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