Pare che la fine dell’egemonia culturale di Google si stia allargando.

Al riguardo  avevo scritto questo un paio di mesi fa e un paio di settimane fa il NYT aveva scritto questo.

Has Google Reached The Perception Tipping Point? | Techdirt.

has no responsibility to stand up for the principles of others. At the
same time, many will claim that Google would be silly not to use its
money to harm competitors. But these all showed a particularly
un-Google-like view of the world. It was that “don’t be evil” stand
that made people trust them. It was that belief (real or perceived)
that Google was entirely focused on making the world better for
everyone that built up that trust. These moves (and some of the moves
Anil discusses in his piece) may make the shareholders happy in the
short-term. But they end up harming reputation in the long-term.

Google’s Microsoft Moment – Anil Dash.

…I don’t think Google is “turning evil”…. But there are some notable trends going on across Google today that could cause the company to compromise its stated values and that will certainly cause people to think Google is being evil, if not corrected. I’ll try to outline a few key cultural indicators from around Google.
…Is Google evil? It doesn’t matter. They’ve reached the point of
corporate ambition and changing corporate culture that means they’re
going to be perceived as if they are. Whether they’re able to truly
internalize that lesson, accept it, and act accordingly will determine
if they’re able to extend their dominance in the years to come.

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