Sul ridimensionamento di Tiscali

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That leaves Tiscali with its domestic Italian broadband services business, but that isn’t exactly a big-time operation: It generated just €75 million (US$105 million) in revenues, and €5 million ($7 million) in earnings (before tax and interest), during the first quarter of 2009. 

fa un certo effetto vedere una Tiscali piu’ piccola della I.NET…

… Tiscali’s next big hurdle is to sort out its finances and shore up its debt, for which it has, at least, a plan. (See Tiscali Tackles Its Debt.)
The first stage of that plan has been put into action, with the carrier announcing late Tuesday that, following approval at a shareholders’ meeting, it’s set to raise €190 million ($267 million) from the first of three planned capital increases, and will reduce its volume of shares with a one-for-ten reverse stock split.

…Pyramid Research analyst Stela Bokun provides something of a comforting outlook for Tiscali. In a recent report, “Communications Markets in Italy,” Bokun noted that DSL is set to be the dominant access technology in Italy in 2014, accounting for 58 percent of all fixed lines, with fiber access accounting for just 4 percent. She also expects the likes of Wind and Tiscali to be able to win some market share from Telecom Italia during the coming years.

In addition, Tiscali could also boost revenues and offer bundled services if it launches its planned mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service: The operator struck an MVNO agreement with Telecom Italia in 2007.
The operator plans to unveil a new business plan once it has its debts restructured and the sale of the U.K. operation is completed.

Io sull’MVNO non ci conterei troppo, come marginalita’…

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