La banda infinita non risolve ?

Riporta Gigaom:

Verizon Chief Technology Officer Dick Lynch said today… that he wasn’t announcing a shift in pricing for Verizon, but that: “We’re going to have to consider pricing structures that allow us to sell packages of bytes, and at the end of the day the concept of a flat-rate infinitely expandable service is unachievable.”..
Verizon has been one of the last holdouts on the idea of metered broadband, in which an ISP charges users based on the amount of data they consume as opposed to charging a flat-rate fee for an always-on connection.

Non so se si riferisce a FiOS (l'offerta di FTTH di Verizon), a DSL o a entrambe. Da guardare con attenzione, comunque.
Soprattutto considerando che ci sono una dozzina di città nel mondo dove ci sono, a prezzi forfettari ed importi normali da mercato consumer, offerte di accesso in fibra simmetrico a 100Mbps e in 2 città ci sono offerte analoghe per 1Gbps.

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