China Is Losing a War Over Internet

China Is Losing a War Over Internet.

Nemmeno la Cina riesce a controllare Internet. Dovrebbero leggerlo i nostri politici che sbandierano proclami un giorno si e l’altro pure.
China Is Losing a War Over Internet –

“Four months into a crusade against Internet pornography, the government is closing thousands of sites—some pornographic, some not—and tightening rules on who can register Web addresses inside China.
Customers surf the Web at an Internet café in Wuhu, central China, in a photo taken in February. A backlash against Beijing’s moves to block access to the Internet has spurred attempts by many users to ’scale’ the so-called Great Firewall of censorship.
Foreign sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, blocked by censors in the run-up to the 60th anniversary of Communist Party rule on Oct. 1, remain inaccessible to most Chinese users. Several prominent critics of the state who used the Internet to spread their message have been detained or imprisoned.
Yet this list of casualties obscures a larger truth: The censors are losing.”
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