La pistola fumante nel caso Viacom-Youtube.

La prima parte delle mail incriminate si trova qui. (con traduzioni in italiano).

questi sono altre mail/IM tra fondatotori e dirigenti pre, durante e post-acquisizione e tirano in ballo anche il CEO Eric Schimdt:

Karim: “well, we SHOULD take down any: 1) movies 2) TV shows. we should keep: 1) news clips 2) comedy clips (Conan, Leno, etc) 3) music videos. In the future, I’d also reject these last three but not yet

Hurley: “can we remove the flagging link for ‘copyrighted’ today ? we are starting to see complaints for this and basically if we don’t remove them we could be held liable for being served a notice. it’s actually better if we don’t have the link there at all because then the copyright holder is responsible for serving us notice of the material and not the users. anyways, it would be good if we could remove this asap.

Heilbrun: “the truth of the matetr is, probably 75-80% of our views come from copyrighted material.” She agreed that YouTube has some “good original content” but “it’s just such a small percentage.”

Matt Rizzo described copyright owners as “fucking assholes”, asking “just how much time do you guys want to give to these fucking assholes” and YouTube product manager Maryrose Dunton respodned: “hah. not any time really”.

Google executive Peter Chane, in reference to a discussion he had with YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and another YouTube executive Chris Maxcy: “youtube is at an advantage b/c they aren’t the target that we are with issues like this. they are aware of this (I spoke with them on friday) and they plan on exploiting this in order to get more and more traffic.”

Google executive Patrick Walker emailed Google Video Product Manager Hunter Walk, the business product manager of Google Video, that he was “baffled” by comparisons between YouTube and Google Video because YouTube was “doing little to stem its traffic growth on the back of pirated content” calling the choice “unsustainable and irresponsible”

Google executive Peter Chane sent an email to the Video Team at Google forwarding the statement by Peter Chernin, then CEO of Fox Entertainment, about YouTube: “Exciting as it shows the potential pent up demand. we did a survey and more than 80% of video on this site is copyrigted content”

Eun stated: “if we think back to last Nov. you are chad [Hurley], your head is spinning and Eric Schmidt, CEO of the most powerful company in the world tells you your only focus is to grow playbacks to 1B/day… that’s what you do”.

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