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ovviamente il pensiero di Sarkò è noto e difficilmente condivisibile

L’Internet civilisé selon Sarkozy » OWNI, News, Augmented.

Le colonisateur est venu, il a pris, il s’est servi, il a exploité, il a pillé des ressources, des richesses qui ne lui appartenaient pas. Il a dépouillé le colonisé de sa personnalité, de sa liberté, de sa terre, du fruit de son travail.
Ils ont cru qu’ils étaient supérieurs, qu’ils étaient plus avancés, qu’ils étaient le progrès, qu’ils étaient la civilisation.
Ils ont eu tort.

dimostra una certa insipienza… (cfr. commissario Kroes più oltre) Web aperto o regolamentato se ne discute al primo "eG8" – Repubblica.it.

"A costo di essere impopolare, voglio dirvi che non potete rifiutare un minimo di regole e valori comuni. Non si può – rimarca il presidente francese – veicolare il Male senza ostacoli né ritegno

penso che sia bene che si parli del tema.
occorre che si approfondisca e che il tema entri nell'agenda.

Il report di McKinsey è molto chiaro. Internet è IL fattore di crescita economica.

Anche cose come questa non possono essere ignorate.. Cisco sued for helping China build Golden Shield – Yahoo! News.

WASHINGTON – Members of the Falun Gong spiritual movement have filed a lawsuit against Cisco Systems Inc. accusing it of supplying the Chinese government with computer-networking equipment used to spy on and persecute dissidents.

Anche perchè la reazione ci sarà e l'organizzazione dal basso (come dimostrano i fatti in spagna, maghreb, ecc.) non è arrestabile. Ovviamente c'è una inclinazione al controllo

As a host of the G8, France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy wants to step up centralized control over the Internet. He has convened world leaders to a summit aimed at working towards a “civilized Internet”, a concept he borrowed from the Chinese government. By creating fears such as “cyber-terrorism”, their objective is to generalize rules of exception in order to establish censorship and control, thereby undermining free speech and other civil liberties. They will package this policy using words like “democracy” and “responsibility”, but look at their acts. ….
Our imaginations, through all kinds of media we create and publish, help us protect our rights and a free Internet. As world leaders gather at the end of this month, we must all come together and use our creativity to reject any attempt at turning the Internet into a tool of repression and control.

ma non sono riusciti a tenere segreto ACTA e quando il tema arriva in pubblico e nell'agenda, beh, penso che alla fine il buon senso prevarrà…

Prendiamo per esempio le piu' recenti dichiarazioni del commissario Kroes sul tema del filtraggio
EUROPA – Press Releases – Neelie Kroes Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda Protecting and saving children International Missing Children’s Day 2011 Brussels, 25 May 2011.

There is no doubt that this "brave new world" does present risks as well as opportunities for our youngsters. Exposure to harmful content, bullying, grooming, psychological and physical abuse, sexual harassment; these risks continue to exist "off-line" and it would be naïve to think they do not exist, in one form or another, "on-line".

We need to work on education and awareness. We must realise that an 8-year old child has different needs than a 16-year youngster. We must also realise that our ability as parents and educators to "order" our youngsters what to do is limited, especially in a hyper-connected world.

Everyone should have the technological instruments to ensure that children and youngsters can enjoy the huge benefits of the digital world, avoid its worst elements, and handle its unpleasant aspects. Innovation in developing user-friendly and efficient parental control tools and age-rating systems is one way we are exploring.

But we cannot, and should not, put our children and youngsters in a digital glass cage, hoping they will never encounter any harmful or illegal content online. This will simply not work.

Al G8 c'è già stata una conferenza stampa imporvvisata da Zimmermann (portavoce della Quadrature du Net), Jeff Jarvis (professore di giornalismo a NYU), Larry Lessig, Julliard (direttore di Reporter Sans Frontières), Yochai Benkler (Harvard's Berkman Center for the Internet) e Susan P. Crawford che è stata fino al 2009 l'assistente speciale di Obama per le policy su scienza, tecnologia ed innovazione

[EN] La société civile s'en va t'en guerre à l' e-G8 from OWNI on Vimeo.

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