Che fine hanno fatto le femtocelle ?

Vi sfido a trovarle nel sito AT&T….

AT&T lancia le femto su scala nazionale – a Quinta ‘s weblog : un Blog di Stefano Quintarelli.

Vedremo tra un anno..

AT&T eyes enterprise femtocell market.

Sunday we completed our national femtocell rollout… femtocells are now
available to our customers anywhere in the continental U.S.,” said
Gordon Mansfield, executive director of radio access networks, AT&T.
He explained during a presentation at Femtocells World Summit in London
that AT&T’s femtocell proposition – called MicroCell 3G – has so far
been positioned as an indoor coverage solution aimed at consumers and
small businesses.
The femtocell itself retails for $149.99, but customers have the option
to take out a dedicated $19.99 monthly plan that provides unlimited
voice minutes when users are connected to the mini base station in
return for a $100 rebate. Furthermore, existing AT&T broadband
customers receive an additional $49.99 rebate, making it possible to
acquire a femtocell free of charge.

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