The Guardian: Hackers are being radicalised by government policy

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Hackers are being radicalised by government policy | Loz Kaye | Comment is free |

… official efforts to control the internet are increasing online radicalisation

Nicolas Sarkozy called for global online governance at the eG8 in his attempt to civilise the “wild west” of the web.
We’re starting to see what this civilising process entails. Open Rights Group revealed that Ed Vaizey and lobbyists held a secret meeting discussing the future of web blocking powers. There was no public oversight and no one asked the net natives. Vaizey has relented a little via Twitter, consenting to open up the discussion – the Pirate Party and I welcome that invitation. It will take more, however, than getting a few NGOs around a table to ease the real sense of anger poisoning the online community.
We’ve reached a critical juncture: either we sail headlong into escalating confrontation, or we attempt to change tack and reduce the tension by finding a democratic way forward, one that preserves our right to free association. From anonymous bloggers in Iran, to those using Twitter and Facebook in Tahrir Square and even teenagers in the bedrooms of Essex, there is a common thread. A feeling of persecution and dismay that our freedoms are being suppressed.

It’s time for governments to turn their ship around and plot a new course.

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