2 thoughts on “Dropbox: non daremo i tuoi contenuti nemmeno alle forze dell’ordine”

  1. Dai loro TOS:
    2.) We comply with valid legal process and U.S. law
    The previous section should clarify our commitment to user privacy. That said, there have been a lot of questions raised about government data requests.
    Just so you know, we don’t get very many of those requests — about one a month over the past year for our more than 25 million users. That’s fewer than one in a million accounts.
    That said, like all U.S. companies, we must follow U.S. law. That means that the government sometimes requests us (as it does similar companies like Apple, Google, Skype, and Twitter) to turn over user information in response to requests for which the law requires that we comply.
    When we get a government request, we don’t just hand over your information or files. Our legal team vets all of these requests before we take any action. The small number of requests we have received have all been targeted to specific individuals under criminal investigation. If we were to receive a government request that was too broad or didn’t comply with the law, we would stand up for our users and fight for their privacy rights.

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