Il Commissario Kroes: finiamola con l’ossessione del Copyright. Il punto è remunerare la creatività

EUROPA – Press Releases – Neelie Kroes Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda Who feeds the artist ? Forum d'Avignon 19 November 2011, Avignon, France.

"I see how some European stakeholders see with horror the arrival of Netflix, or the expansion of iTunes. We need to react, not to be paralysed by fear. Let's take chances. As Zygmunt Bauman put it, "the function of culture is not to satisfy existing needs, but to create new ones". So that's my answer: it's not all about copyright. It is certainly important, but we need to stop obsessing about that. The life of an artist is tough: the crisis has made it tougher. Let's get back to basics, and deliver a system of recognition and reward that puts artists and creators at its heart."

questa (Download 2010.05.06 Copyright consulta PD)  e' la PPT di una presentazione che ho fatto quando mi hanno invitato alla consulta sul copyright del partito democratico un annetto e mezzo fa.

(guardate la slide 34…)

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