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Wifi MIMO 4×4 usa piu’ canali simultanei per throughput di 500Mbps; certo, poi ci sarà da vedere le performance reali con molti device e con molti access point…

Gigabit-Wireless Chipset Invades Wi-Fi Routers.

The two-chip solution includes a new 4×4 MIMO digital baseband chip
that supports the latest 802.11ac specifications, combined with the
company’s RF chip, which also supports 802.11ac.

L’erba del vicino: Google accusata di stare dalla parte dei cattivi.
At Web censorship hearing, Congress guns for “pro-pirate” Google.

Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) made it only halfway through his opening
statement before asserting that “one of the companies represented here
today has sought to obstruct the Committee’s consideration of bipartisan
legislation. Perhaps this should come as no surprise given that Google
just settled a federal criminal investigation into the company’s active
promotion of rogue websites that pushed illegal prescription and
counterfeit drugs on American consumers.”

In questa audizione Google ha detto che il modo giusto per bloccare le attività illegali è sospendere i canali finanziari. Certo, l’esempio che ha usato è infelice ma la strada è giusta. Qualcuno ricorderà che feci una proposta simile durante una riunione con Brunetta sul codice Azuni…

Eric Schmidt Blasts Web Copyright Bills.

solutions are draconian,” Schmidt said during an appearance at the MIT
Sloan School of Management. “There’s a bill that would require (Internet
service providers) to remove URLs from the Web, which is also known as
censorship last time I checked.”
…. The legislation Schmidt opposed is called the PROTECT IP Act in the U.S.
Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act in the U.S. House of
Instead, Schmidt recommended regulations based on tracing payments spent
at websites offering illegal materials.

La governance del web “riservata” alle aziende Usa. Kroes: “La Ue è contraria” – Corriere delle Comunicazioni.

commissiario europeo all’Agenda Digitale esprime rammarico per
l’esclusione di offerte extra-statunitensi alla gara del Governo
americano sul rinnovo del contratto della Iana, l’Authority americana
per la gestione del naming di Internet, oggi in mano all’Icann

BT: non puoi usare la fibra se non per quello che ti dico io…
BT fibre PIA plans ‘fatal’ to competition | IT PRO.

“PIA cannot be used for the far more costly task of crossing the long distances in rural areas to get to these remote communities (backhaul) – making the idea of being able to build new fibre connections within them faintly ludicrous.
“It cannot be used to connect mobile or wireless infrastructure (a critical way of quickly rolling out competitive services in hard to reach geographies) and it cannot be used to provide leased lines to businesses. Quite simply, our business case does not stack up because of these restrictions.”

Lo stack TCP/IP, le slides di Gpoc!…

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