La Spagna elimina la tassa per l’equo compenso sui supporti digitali

si noti il “world leader in internet piracy”. Tutti i paese sono leader nella pirateria.. L’italia è leader quando si parla in italia di pirateria, la spagna quando si parla in spagna, gli usa quando si parla in usa, e via dicendo.

E’ direttamente legato all’affidabilità dei dati usati per le discussioni…

Spain rescinds private copy tax, adopts anti-piracy law – Telecompaper.

Spain’s newly elected conservative government has annulled the country’s conterversial ‘Canon Digital’, a tax applied to media content storage devices and supports, Efe reports. After negotiating with the sector, the government will pay rights holders fair compensation for consumers’ private copy rights out of the federal budget. The private copy tax was established in 1987 but was severely criticised by the Spanish and European judiciary. Parliament has also approved the Sinde Law, which establishes an intellectual property commission to protect creators from the lost revenue of illegal downloads. Drafted by the previous socialist government, the Sinde Law is described as a hot potato by the new education and culture minister, Jose Ignacio Wert. Spanish president Mariano Rajoy’s popular party sided with the socialists over the anti-piracy law nearly a year ago. Authorities will target people or entities that ‘unduly earn money from the creative work of others’ by hosting or providing links to content, rather than end-users. The new legislation includes arbitration and mediation mechanisms, with court orders necessary to sanction wrongdoers. The committee’s mediation section will be formed of three members named by the ministry of culture for three-year terms renewable only once. Another section, combining ministerial representatives and the courts, will set fines and other measures. According to figures from various sources cited by Efe, Spain is the world leader in internet piracy. Only 2 percent of downloaded songs are downloaded legally and the value of pirated tracks reached EUR 2.75 billion in the first half of 2011. Two in three videogames in use were pirate copies in 2010. Some EUR 11 billion worth of music, videogames, films and books were downloaded illegally in 2010.

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