Colpirne uno (debole) per educarne 100.000

avanti cosi’. cosi’ altro che confronto, si radicalizza lo scontro.

una bella sanzione in UK ed un risarcimento danni non era appropriato ?

bisogna proprio mandarlo in prigione in altro paese, dove non e’ mai stato, del quale non ha usato alcuna risorsa, ne’ nome a dominio ne’ server ?

US wins extradition of British student over UK-based website — RT.

Richard O’Dwyer of Sheffield Hallam University in northern England will soon find himself on American soil following the United States’ recent victory in an attempt to extradite the student stateside over a website he ran. American authorities attest that O’Dwyer’s TVShack website, while not in violation of any UK laws where he lived and operated it, infringed on American copyright legislation.

“If Richard appears to have committed a crime in this country – then try him in this country,” he mother, Julia, tells BBC today. She adds that she believes that her son was “sold down the river” by the government and cautions others to be weary of UK officials siding with pressure from the US.

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