A recent arrest in Texas revealed that Google checks email for child porn, using sophisticated image-comparing technology.

Now the arrest of an Eastern Pennsylvania man shows that Microsoft also does such screenings.

Actually, the tech giant has been actively involved for years, since developing software called PhotoDNA in 2009, according to Microsoft. Only files in transit — being uploaded, emailed or downloaded — are checked, a company source explained.

Tyler James Hoffman, 20, of Drums, Luzerne County, was taken into custody Thursday on child pornography charges because of a “cyber-tip” that originated with “Microsoft/Microsoft Skydrive,” according to an affidavit of probable cause posted on the Smoking Gun website

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Dopo l'evidenza che Google spia la mail, ecco la notizia che anche Microsoft controlla i dati dei propri utenti Skydrive.

La domanda sorge spontanea: che fanno Dropbox e Box.net ?

FYI, per tutti coloro che mi hanno chiesto, Io uso per  calenario e files owncloud su server virtuale (dropbox solo "in ricezione", ovvero per ricevere cose da chi usa dropbox), thunderbird su desktop (guardando la mail rigorsamente in plain texy o al limite simple-html), k-@ mail su tablet, kolst come server di mail, browser firefox con add ons (click&clean, lightbeam, privacy badger)