UK decide di spostare frequenze TV per liberare frequenze per traffico dati.

This document sets out our decision to make spectrum in the 700 MHz band available for mobile data use. It follows the consultation document which we published in May 2014. We present our assessment of the costs and benefits of this decision and explain why, having taken consultation responses into account, we expect the benefits will substantially outweigh the costs.

Enabling the 700 MHz band to be used for mobile data will allow mobile networks to provide better performance at a lower cost, which will bring considerable benefits to citizens and consumers.

However, there will also be costs of enabling the change: digital terrestrial television (DTT) and wireless communication for theatrical, musical and sporting events (‘PMSE’ services) currently use the 700 MHz band as well as other frequencies. DTT provides UK viewers with high quality free to view television and PMSE underpins many important cultural and social activities.  The change will involve moving parts of these services from the 700 MHz band to other frequencies.


hat tip. decisione importante
(io la metterei direttamente sul satellite)

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