A group on Tuesday filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) arguing that Google should allow users to request that information about them be taken down from the search engine.

In its complaint, Consumer Watchdog says Google is misleading consumers in the United States by saying it is devoted to privacy without offering the so-called “right to be forgotten.” European users have the right to request that right under a 2014 court ruling.


“Without a doubt requesting the removal of a search engine link from one’s name to irrelevant data under the Right To Be Forgotten (or Right to Relevancy) is an important privacy option,” Consumer Watchdog said in its complaint.

“Though Google claims it is concerned about users’ privacy, it does not offer U.S. users the ability to make this basic request. Describing yourself as championing users’ privacy while not offering a key privacy tool — indeed one offered all across Europe — is deceptive behavior.”

via thehill.com