Quanti utenti GNU/Linux servono per cambiare una lampadina ?

How many GNU/Linux users are needed to change a light bulb?

  • 1 to post a thread in a mailing list telling the bulb has
  • 1 to suggest to try to turn the lamp on through command lines.
  • 1 to complain that the user broke the thread.
  • 1 to ask what new bulb will he install.
  • 1 to advice that we shouldn't use the word burn for meaning a
    broken lightbulb, because it would mean that the bulb was set on fire
    and that it would be right to say that the bulb broke due to an excess
    of electrical current.
  • 25 to suggest to install all the kinds of existing and imaginable
  • 5 who say that the burnt bulb is an upstream issue that doesn't
    belong to the distro. There's an open bug on the bulb's developer mail
  • 1 noob to suggest to install a Microsoft lightbulb.
  • 250 to flood the noob's mail address.
  • 300 to say that a Microsoft lightbulb would turn blue and that
    you'd had to reboot continuously to get back to normal.
  • 1 former GNU/Linux user who still frequents the forum, to suggest
    to install an Apple iBulb, which has a fresh and innovating design and
    it costs $250.
  • 20 to say that iBulbs aren't free, and that they have less
    functions than a 20 times cheaper standard lightbulb.
  • 15 to suggest to install a national lightbulb.
  • 30 to say that national lightbulbs are crippled remasters of
    foreign lightbulbs and that they don't bring anything new.
  • 23 to argue if it must be a white or a transparent bulb.
  • 1 to remind everyone that the right name is GNU/Lightbulb.
  • 1 to say that lightbulbs are a Winbugs users thing and that real
    GNU/Linux users aren't afraid of the dark.
  • 1 to announce finally which will be the model of the installed
  • 217 to discard the chosen model and suggest another.
  • 6 to complain that the chosen lightbulb has propietary elements,
    and that another should be used.
  • 20 to say that a 100% free bulb, isn't compatible with the lamp
  • The same previous 6, to suggest to change the switch for a
    compatible one.
    GOD'S SAKE!”
  • 350 to ask the previous user what God is he talking about, and
    that if he has scientific proofs of His existence.
  • 1 to explain how electricity works and why a light bulb is
  • 1 to say that we can't trust in corporation-made bulbs and that we
    should trust in community-made bulbs.
  • 1 to post a link to an ODF file explaining how to build a lightbulb from
  • 14 to complain about the format of the previous file and asking to
    send it in txt or LaTeX.
  • 5 to say that they didn't like the taken decission and that
    they'll fork the house's electric installation and install a better
  • 1 to post a series of commands to put to change the
  • 1 to comment that he executed the commands and had an error
  • 1 to advice that the commands must be executed as root.

And finally:

  • The father of the first user, who while everyone was discussing,
    went to the shop and bought the cheapest lightbulb.

via www.gnu.org


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