Articolo della BBC.

But earlier this month she [una donna che fa pulizie] was detained by the police and charged with lese majeste, insulting the monarchy, one of the most serious charges in the Thai criminal code. It carries a penalty of three to 15 years on each count and its use has escalated after the military coup two years ago.

Sentences are harsh. Last year a mother of two was given a sentence of 56 years for comments she made on Facebook – later halved after she pleaded guilty.

So what did Patnaree do to get charged? According to her lawyer, the only evidence the police have produced is an exchange on Facebook between her and a political activist, in which she responded to comments the police say are defamatory with the Thai word “ja”, which translates as “I see”, or “ok”.
The police say she should have condemned the comments.

Se avevo il dubbio, mo’ me lo sono tolto.