Have your say on Open Source Software in the EU (and help the European Commission)

The European Commission has just launched a survey targeted at developers of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to understand their needs and how the EU can contribute to a safer open source ecosystem.

Survey questions are primarily about the Security of free and open source software, and what the European Commission can do to help developers make more secure software.

The FOSS developer survey is part of the EU-FOSSA 2 project, an initiative from the EU to improve the security and integrity of the most critical open source software in use. Besides the survey, other project activities include bug bounties, hackathons, and engagement with developer communities.

Collaboratively improving FOSS security

The survey welcomes suggestions and ideas from developers on improving security, and about what the European Commission can do to help. The survey is open until 30 November 2019, with the results published on the EU-FOSSA website soon after.

This is a great opportunity for open source developers to make their voices heard in the discussion on how to collaboratively improve the security of open source software.

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