quando qualcuno mi chiede perche’ non uso apple..
ho smesso quando mi sono reso conto che è un bel giardino ma dove loro hanno la sovranità.

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Apple Rejects App That Tracks Hong Kong Police Activity

By Wayne Ma



Source: Bloomberg

Apple’s App Store has long toed a fine line in China as it balances user freedoms with the censorship requirements of the Chinese government. The U.S. smartphone giant has previously attracted controversy after it removed apps in China that helped users evade censorship, such as those that offered virtual-private networks or VPNs. Now the company is being put to the test outside China’s borders with an app designed for Hong Kong users. Apple twice rejected an app designed to track police activity in the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong for both technical and legal issues, Bloomberg News reported. Apple is now reviewing the app, HKmap.live, a third time to see if it violates local laws, Bloomberg reported, citing an interview with its developer. The app helps users avoid potentially dangerous areas in Hong Kong, which has endured mass protests challenging China’s claim over the city-state for months, Bloomberg said. The developer of HKmap.Live, who remains anonymous, has argued the rejections were unfair as Apple assumes the intent of its users and that other apps are allowed in the App Store that help users avoid red-light cameras and police vehicles while driving. The developer also said the app was easily approved for Android phones, according to Bloomberg.Although Hong Kong’s legal system is distinct from China’s, Apple’s rejection of the app could be seen by detractors as the company trying to maintain positive relations with mainland China, which still represents a significant chunk of its sales. Apple’s revenue from Greater China, which includes China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, was about $32.54 billion – or almost 17% – of overall revenue in the first nine months of the year. 

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