The US, UK and Australia want access to encrypted messages on Facebook

The attorneys general of Australia, the UK and the US have written an open letter to Facebook calling for a delay in introducing end to end encryption in messengers. here it is: HS_open_letter_to_Mark_Zuckerberg

This must be the same australian person who once said that, in Australia, State laws prevail on the laws of mathematics.

“We are committed to working with you to focus on reasonable proposals that will allow Facebook and our governments to protect your users and the public, while protecting their privacy. Our technical experts are confident that we can do so while defending cybersecurity and supporting technological innovation.  “

I don’t know if they really believe in what they write. how “defending cybersecurity” has anything to do with end to end encryption in Facebook. I mean, do they really think that terrorists don’t know how to install and use any ecnrypted messaging app (or even develop their own) ?

We must find a way to balance the need to secure data with public safety and the need for law enforcement to access the information they need to safeguard the public, investigate crimes, and prevent future criminal activity.

this is akin to saying “we must find to find a way to balance the use of mathematics (crypto theorems) by bad guys and by good guys”. Hey bad guys, just for you, 2+2 =3.

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