Google sanctioned in Italy for promoting illegal advertising

This may be one of the first examples of a changing game: Google was sanctioned because of its intermediation activity and as such, it was sanctioned where the customer of the promoted services is located.

Although the entity of the sanction is not disclosed and is likely to be rather small, it seems quite likely that they will appeal to the 2nd degree court. In Italy, wrt to the national regulation authority AGCOM, the appeal level is called TAR (Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale) and – if I’m not wrong – they have 60 days to file the appeal.

It seems to me that the provisions of the UE Regulation 2019/1150 are a solid legal base for sanctioning this type of behaviours, so I don’t see many chances that TAR will revert the decision.

It is a case that deserves to be followed carefully…

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