Apple, Facebook and Google should be ashamed of their proposals

There was an advertisement when I was a kid that spelled “What to give to a man who has everything ? More of the same”. It was a whiskey.

Now we have an issue about excessive profiling, excessive market power, excessive political influence.

How can we intervene ?

Apple would like to curtail advertising based business models, thanks to a tight control of their OS and app environment, which would stregthen their gatekeeping position on the app market.

Google would like to get rid of cookies, promoting a technology that would make them more than today, the platform controlling the online advertising business.

Facebook would like to change content moderation laws in a way that would reinforce their size and power.

Fact is that times for a digital regulation are approaching, both because of likely upcoming antitrust sanctions and because of new ex ante regulation.

They lost their last veil of appearance of trustworthiness. They should be ashamed of their proposals.

I am eager to read Microsoft and Amazon’s.

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