C’era chi diceva che Ryanair e’ una compagnia di vendita di assicurazioni basata su passaggi aerei. Sulla stessa linea si direbbe che Tesla sia un trader di bitcoin e di certificati verdi basata su veicoli.

Ah, e’ poi ci sono questi guidatori imprudenti che pervicacemente sbagliano a considerare che “Full Self Driving” stia per un sistema a guida autonoma anziche’ un ausilio alla guida…

Source : The wall street journal

Tesla Makes More Money Trading Bitcoin Than Selling Cars

U.S. safety regulators are probing crashes involving Teslas, suspecting the company’s Autopilot system might be involved. WSJ’s Robert Wall reports on how some motorists may mistakenly think Autopilot is a self-driving feature that doesn’t require their attention.

After just months under the same roof, bitcoin and Tesla are becoming the best of friends.

Tesla didn’t exactly earn its record profit from selling cars, however. The company said that it sold some of the $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin that it purchased in February, contributing $101 million to the bottom line. That is nearly a fourth of its total profit.

What is more, sales of regulatory credits to other auto makers to help them meet emissions mandates, which carry a 100% profit margin, reached $518 million. That accounts for nearly 100% of Tesla’s $533 million in pretax income. Those two helping hands helped avert red ink.

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