Robotaxis: have Google and Amazon backed the wrong technology? – FT

bene, adesso non e’ solo il quintablog e il mio libro “Intelligenza artificiale” (Bollati e Boringhieri) ma anche il Financial Times.

ogni tanto fa bene essere contrarian ed uscire dal gregge delle opinioni, come dice un amico.

per il level 5 sono ancora convinto (e credo tra un po’ lo diranno tutti) che ci vorranno decadi affinche’ nei centri cittadini ci sia una adozione modesta (non si veedranno diffusamente), confinata in contesti altamente sorvegliati (le possibilita’ di hacking sono infinite – BTW, lo ha scoperto anche Musk di recente…), e poi ci sara’ un setback per accadimenti indesiderati ed un blocco per policy che limiteranno a level 4. Diverso il discorso per autostrade e contesti altamente sorvegliati..

Source: Financial Times

“So if the evolutionary approach to building driverless technology proves successful, the upshot would be startling: the world’s biggest, most sophisticated companies — Alphabet, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft — all backed the wrong horse for a future technology widely expected to earn revenues in the trillions of dollars.

This would entirely flip the script from half a decade ago, when carmakers felt under siege from tech companies that were going to displace them at the top of the value-chain.”

“There was this general fear that the entire auto industry was going to get taken over by tech — and that totally didn’t happen,” says Austin Russell, chief executive of Luminar, which began as a supplier of visual sensors but now offers a highway autonomy solution for partners such as Volvo.

“That whole ‘shoot for the moon’ approach really didn’t play out. That’s why they are in the testing stage and we’re in series production,” he adds.

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