China Leaps Ahead in Effort to Rein In Algorithms – WSJ (aka “l’ideologia cinese degli algoritmi”)

La Cina ragiona su allinamento valoriale tra algoritmi e ideologia cinese.

E’ un ragionamento fondamentale. Su quali principi si deve basare il “potere informatico” in una architettura istituzionale democratica ?

Sarà l’argomento del prossimo IFDaD

Source: WSJ

China Leaps Ahead in Effort to Rein In Algorithms Beijing is building a system intended to ensure that internet platforms’ automated processes are fair, transparent and in line with Communist Party ideologyChinese tech stocks popular among U.S. investors have tumbled amid the country’s regulatory crackdown on technology firms. WSJ explains some of the new risks investors face when buying shares of companies like Didi or Tencent. Photo Composite: Michelle Inez SimonByOct. 5, 2021 12:31 am ETTAIPEI—A sweeping new plan to restrain the algorithms that power tech platforms has thrust China to the forefront of a growing movement to curb the influence of giant internet companies.Launched last week by the Cyberspace Administration of China, the campaign aims to establish a comprehensive system to regulate the use of algorithms within three years, part of the ruling Communist Party’s effort to rein in what it sees as unscrupulous business practices and exert more control over online discourse.

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