AI Objective or Biased (ovvero della stupidità umana)

Questa cosa dice poco della intelligenza artificiale…
Cosa ci si aspetta da dei SALAMI ?.

Però dice molto della stupidità umana di chi crede a queste cose, le adotta  e  le finanzia.

Da guardare assolutamente

Source : Interaktiv

Less prejudice, more objectivity: An application process that is not influenced by the personal preferences of a recruiter. That is the promise of many AI companies entering the market worldwide, including a start-up based in Munich.According to the software developer, the artificial intelligence analyzes tone of voice, language, gestures and facial expressions and creates a behavioural personality profile. The application process will not only be “faster, but also more objective and fair”, according to the start-up.

Apparently that sounds promising: the company has just received a seven-digit funding from investors. The start-up states that it cooperates with DAX-listed companies, the brand logos of Lufthansa, BMW Group and ADAC can be found on the website.

Similar products are already in use in the US. Hirevue, a company from the US state of Utah, claims to have 700 companies as customers. Hirevue products have drawn criticism from AI experts, the software’s results were considered to be opaque.

And yet, AI is considered a key technology and already now it’s hard to imagine a future without it – also in recruiting.For this reason, a team of reporters from Bayerischer Rundfunk (German Public Broadcasting), performed several experiments with such a product in taking a closer look at the software of a Munich based start-up.

Source: Objective or Biased

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