Economists Pin More Blame on Tech for Rising Inequality

Nel mio piccolo spiego le ragioni tecniche alla base di questo fenomeno nel mio libro Capitalismo Immateriale. La tecnologia induce non tanto disoccupazione, quanto pressione sui salari (e accumulo di ricchezze stratosferiche, in assenza di norme procompetitive specifiche).

Source: The New York Times

Daron Acemoglu, an influential economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been making the case against what he describes as “excessive automation.

”The economywide payoff of investing in machines and software has been stubbornly elusive. But he says the rising inequality resulting from those investments, and from the public policy that encourages them, is crystal clear.

Half or more of the increasing gap in wages among American workers over the last 40 years is attributable to the automation of tasks formerly done by human workers, especially men without college degrees, according to some of his recent research.

Globalization and the weakening of unions have played roles. “But the most important factor is automation,” Mr. Acemoglu said. And automation-fueled inequality is “not an act of God or nature,” he added. “It’s the result of choices corporations and we as a society have made about how to use technology.”

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