Israel police uses NSO’s Pegasus to spy on citizens

La democrazia e’ una cosa fragile.
I trojan richiedono una regolamentazione assai dettagliata e rilevanti i meccanismi di supervisione e controllo.

Il potere informatico va disegnato “democratic by deafult”

Source: Calacalis Tech

Israel police uses NSO’s Pegasus spyware to remotely hack phones of Israeli citizens, control them and extract information from them, Calcalist has revealed. Among those who had their phones broken into by police are mayors, leaders of political protests against former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former governmental employees, and a person close to a senior politician. Calcalist learned that the hacking wasn’t done under court supervision, and police didn’t request a search or bugging warrant to conduct the surveillance. There is also no supervision on the data being collected, the way police use it, and how it distributes it to other investigative agencies, like the Israel Securities Authority and the Tax Authority.

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