Unbelievable decision for State’s digital power’s opacity in Spain

This looks exactly the type of dystopic digital power behavior by the executive branch that I think should be impossible in a democratic State, as I wrote on my brief reflections on the issue (an article which is basically a revised transcript of my keynote at Nexa’s annual event).

A trustworthy state does not require its citizens to trust it.

Source: Civio.es

A Spanish court has rejected the publication of source code for the software that approves applications for subsidies created to combat energy poverty. Civio, having noticed errors in its functioning, requested the code under the Transparency Law to analyse it. After a Government’s refusal, the Spanish Transparency Council also denied Civio’s access to the code on the grounds that it is protected by intellectual property rights. Now, a judge rejects its disclosure, adding that releasing the code of this programme also represents a danger to public security and national defence.

Continues here: Spanish court rejects opening code for automated public decisions | Civio

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