Il collasso di Yandex in Russia

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Source: Wired

…With the Russian economy in shreds and Putin rapidly closing anything left of a free internet, the tech-worker brain drain was becoming a frantic mass exodus. Thousands of those who could afford to were fleeing a country that was “flying into an abyss,” as one Russian tech executive told The Financial Times, escaping to Cyprus, Armenia, and beyond. Some 25,000 Russians had reportedly arrived in Georgia within the first two weeks of the invasion. For the many more left behind, including untold thousands of Yandex workers, there’s the very real prospect that the Russian economy and tech sector will be isolated for years or decades, leaving them without a livelihood.

One conceivable way for Yandex to protect and retain at least some of its workers might be to bring them from Moscow to Israel. The country has a bustling tech industry, and it does not appear to want to restrict Yandex’s business activities there. Israel might also be a base for Yandex’s bid to deepen its presence in the United Arab Emirates, with which Israel has friendly relations and which has so far not imposed sanctions on Russia. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Yandex had approached the government about bringing over 800 workers, but an Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson told me, “it seems no such requests were submitted by the company.”

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