US appeals court decides scraping public web data is fine

Questa decisione è importante! in USA

Non solo dice che è legale fare scraping, ma anche che Linkedin non avrebbe dovuto impedire lo scraping! (dato che le pagine sono accessibili pubblicamente (come serve per farsi indicizzare))

In sostanza, bisognera’ decidere: o farsi indicizzare o proteggersi dallo scraping.

Source : Artificial Intelligence News

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The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that scraping data from a public website doesn’t violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

In 2017, employment analytics firm HiQ filed a lawsuit against LinkedIn’s efforts to block it from scraping data from users’ profiles.

The court barred Linkedin from stopping HiQ scraping data after deciding the CFAA – which criminalises accessing a protected computer – doesn’t apply due to the information being public.

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